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Welcome to The Seireitei, a Bleach role playing guild where literate role playing is key to achieving power. As a guild we are extremely well organized and have worked out much of the Bleach system for role playing. Please take a moment to read the rest of the home page, you’ll find all of the information on joining the guild included.

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General Guild Rules

  • Follow all Gaia Guild and Gaia Forum rules, as well as the Terms of Service.
  • This is a PG-13 guild; there are minors present and active in this guild, so content of posts should be suitable for the early teenage reader.
  • Current Guild Officers have the final say in any dispute.
  • Be respectful of those who have been roleplaying longer than you. (Please see the Code of Conduct for All Role Players for more details on how to be "respectful" is. Link is below.)
  • Repeated God-modding and/or autohitting offences are bannable offence. Use common sense to determine whether it may be a situation where such actions are justified, and if a problem occurs, PM a crew member for a resolution.
  • Have a profile for your character worked out and posted in the profile sub forum before posting. If your profile is determined to need revision by a crew member, you are expected to politely comply, though dialogue is allowed. Crew members are human too, and can make mistakes, but the proper attitude will help things to proceed smoothly for both parties.
  • All Races and Squads have a specific focus for its members. Please join the Race or Squad you wish to and obey the rules set by the Crew.
  • No one may be a main character from the anime or manga without specific permission from the Guild Captain or Guild Vice Captains, nor can anyone use a pre-existing character from any other form of media. This includes comics, video games, movies, et cetera.
  • SPAMing a forum or a thread is a bannable offense with repeated incidents.
  • If you have a guild that you want others here to know about, PM the Guild Mule or the Guild Owner with the information and we will work on Affiliate status. DO NOT advertise it in the main forum, especially if it is another Bleach guild.
  • If you know a guild mate in real life, DO NOT give out any personal details, such as; names, addresses, or email addresses without their consent. THIS IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE WITH NO WARNING.

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Code of Conduct (and Expected Standards of Behavior)

  • Never knowingly start arguments with a crew member to stroke your ego or obtain a rise out of them.
  • Respect other members and do not start problems with them out of character. If problems arise, we expect civil manner from both parties, and if the problem cannot be resolved, a crew member can help mediate if asked.
  • Roleplaying a character who is abrasive and rude is one thing, but if you as a player act that way, there is no excuse for the behaviour.
  • Those found helping a player who has been banned circumvent the rules will be punished in the same manner as the banned player.

    We use a Three-Strike System:
  • If you break a rule you will be warned by a Captain or Race Leader. This is an 'official warning', though the crew have the option of giving an 'unofficial' warning that does not count. An unofficial or official warning will be specifically noted in the warning itself.
  • If you continue to break the rules, whether it is the same rule or a different one, you will be warned by a Guild Vice Captain.
  • If you continue to cause problems after both warnings, you will be banned.

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Definition of Roleplaying Terms

  • Autohitting - Declaring that you have hit an opponent without them agreeing to being hit and without giving them a chance to react or defend themselves. For example: "Daven jumped in and hit Evil fifteen times in the throat. She flew backward 30 yards and landed hard on the ground, having trouble breathing."
  • Character - The person the player is pretending to be, abbreviated as RPC or PC.
  • Character Knowledge - Knowledge that the Character has gained through continuous Roleplay. Unless it has been agreed upon that your character knows something specific that was not actually RolePlayed, your character does not know it. We understand that there will be mistakes, but we ask that you do your best to keep your knowledge OUT of character out of your RolePlaying.
  • Crew - The Guild moderators, including the Guild Captain, Guild Vice Captain(s) and all Squad and Race Leaders and their Vice Captain/Second in Command.
  • Godmodding/Godmoding - A roleplaying term for when a character is impossible to hit, never gets hurt, has super skills that no one can defeat and pulls new skills out of thin air. A subset of this is 'powerplaying', where a character suddenly 'finds new strength' or uses some other excuse to be more powerful than a higher ranked character. For example, Daven, having thoroughly defeated Rinkydink the New Recruit Shinigami, turns to leave. Suddenly, Rinkydink realizes his truer potential and leaps up, swiftly attacking Daven with a sword beam. The beam misses, and slices three and a half mountains right down the middle.
  • Guild - The Sereitei, the forum you’re looking at.
  • Guild Captain - The owner of the guild. The current Guild Captain is Fighting Fefnir.
  • Guild Vice Captain(s) - The second in command in the guild. The current Guild Vice Captains are Pad Chief,Colm-Kun
  • NPC - Non-Player Character, an "extra" or an “opponent”, someone the player is NOT. This is not generally an important character, and is not attatched to any one person as their main character.
  • Out Of Character - When the player is stating something or declaring something, not the character. Abbreviated as OOC or shown in RolePlay threads inside of double parenthesis (( )).
  • Player Knowledge - Knowledge that the player has that the Character does not. Make sure to keep separate from Character knowledge, what your character knows.
  • Reiatsu - (Spiritual Pressure) is the physical force/pressure that a Character exerts when they use the energy stored within their body and soul. The join request password is Reiatsu. Reiatsu comes in many colors depending on the Character, while extremely powerful Characters can even emit elemental Reiatsu that can causes devastating effects.
  • Roleplaying - The action and reaction you show while playing and pretending to be your Character, abbreviated as RP, or PRP for "Private Role Play".
  • SPAMing - Posting multiple times in various places without the post being relevant to anything, especially within roleplay threads.
  • Squad - A specific group within the Guild, be it the Vizard or one of the Shinigami Divisions.
  • Squad Officer - A member of a Squad who has a "seat", similar to being an officer in the military. The lower your seat number, the more powerful you are understood to be.

  • User/Player - The person playing a Character, the person behind the computer.

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How to Join

Please submit a join request including the password and a roleplay sample or a reason for wanting to join. Applications without a password or a sample will be rejected and blank applications will be ignored. We promise that the password is here on the homepage, read the sections and you will find it.

Once you’ve joined, make sure you read the Guild Rules thread and understand what’s there. This is expected of everyone, ignorance of the rules isn’t tolerated. If you have any problems understanding the rules, please ask a Crew member to explain any portion you don’t understand. There is also a Newcomer’s Guide that will help you begin your stay here in the guild.


Submit any donations directly to the guild mule TSRT and not the guild directly.

Opened June 26, 2008