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What is this guild about?

The SDRP is a general roleplaying guild dedicated to improving our members' skills in both writing and role play as well as hosting quality RPs for all interests and skill levels. Whether you just heard about RP or you've been playing for decades, no matter if you play high fantasy or high school we encourage everyone to come in and join the fun.

Once you join you'll have the opportunity to play in existing guild RPs or even start your own in the main forum. The main forum is also a place to chat with the other members and advertise RPs and RP related shops or other RP guilds in there. We also have a dedicated One-on-One RPs subforum available. You can also ask questions in the QnA subforum or meet our members and take roleplaying courses through the SDRP Tutoring Academy. Our goal here is to provide a community where RPers of all levels can network and learn from each other to improve all aspects of the game while having fun and making friends in an open, accepting environment.

If you're just here to have fun that's ok too. We host a variety of RPs created and run by members just like you at all skill levels and in many genres. Check the What's Going On sticky to see our current Events and other goodies or have a look at our main forum for active and new RPs and trending discussions. You can even start your own RP in the main forum, and it's recommended that you start the thread title with "RP[New]" so we know it's a new RP.

What makes us different from Barton Town? The community. Here you're not just another username in a sea of thousands. We have a dedicated Crew willing to answer questions and help when you need it. We have friendly, committed members willing to run and play in RPs of all kinds. We host events and challenges to bring us all together so if you jump in and participate you'll soon make friends.

So how do you join? Easy. Just copy the below questions then click the join link near the top of the page to give us your answers. They don't have to be long or elaborate, just honest answers to all of the questions. Some of them just need a yes or no. We don't accept incomplete requests but if you actually answer our questions (and are nice about it) we won't turn you down - no matter what the answers are.

*If you've submitted the join request but forgot to include the questions below, please send a PM to School of Dedicated RPers with your answers to these questions.

1.) Have you read the SDRP Guide?
2.) How long have you been a member of Gaia?
3.) What is your experience in RPing? (include what got you started, genres/RP types you like, GMing experience)
4.) How did you find the SDRP?
5.) Why would you like to join the SDRP?
6.) Is there anything you would like to do for the SDRP? (tutoring, artwork, advertising, donation, affiliation, etc)

Note: Please do not donate to the guild below. If you would like to make a donation to our guild, send a trade to the guild mule (School Of Dedicated RPers) so that we can use the donation for events and prizes.