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If you wish to join the guild, please include the information requested further down this page. Failure to do so will more than likely result in a declined application.

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Welcome to the Sacred Grove,
a pan-Pagan guild based on learning, sharing, and expressing our love for our gods and our paths. Some of us honour gods, some spirits, some nature, and some all of the above. Welcome! Come in and join us.

This guild, previously "The Druid's Grove", has been somewhat revamped and reconstructed.

The vibe is a bit different, although I hope I have kept much of the spiritual and "natural" feeling of the original guild. I hope for this to be a place that helps inspire one in their faith or practice, to be a place wherein you can almost smell the trees in the air or the smoke from the candles.

I intend also for this to be a place to share your beliefs and spirituality, so that others may learn and you may grow; a place to inform and expand our research into our paths; a place to set aside defences and share honestly; a place to ask questions genuinely with the desire to learn.

Pagans of all stripes are welcomed, as are those of other faiths who wish to share and learn. Few things are asked in return: respect, maturity, and the willingness to maintain the easy environment of the guild.
Unpleasant trolls, the disrespectful, the immature and those with an entitlement complex may find themselves warned and, if such behaviour continues, banned.

Hello and welcome to the Sacred Grove!
This is a guild for Pagans focusing on the combination of spirituality and study. We welcome all Pagans and interested non-Pagans.

Like many guilds we are having problems with activity currently. A lot of people are joining and never posting. As such, please only bother to apply and join if you intend to be an active member of the guild. Thanks smile

If you are interested in joining, please tell us:
Your age
Your path
Why you're interested in joining
Please confirm also that you have read the rules and agree to abide by them.

If your application was denied, please see below.

Remember to introduce yourself once you've been accepted!!

As a guild we like to keep active. As such, if you haven't posted an introduction within two weeks you will be removed from the guild. Every three months we have a member clear-out, and those who have not been active within the last six months are removed from the guild. We send out announcements a week prior to member clear-outs so that everyone has time to come in and post at least once. Please be aware of our activity requirements. If you choose to lurk, please post occasionally in our chat or bump thread.

We welcome people to join this guild to learn and to make connections with those who may be in the same part of their religious path. However, when you say you want to join this guild to learn, we ask that you make an effort to stick to that vow and intention. We encourage you to stick around and learn, even if what you are learning is not what you want to hear.

I was denied?! Why?

We here at TSG consider your post history and your profile when accepting new members. If you were denied, it might be because of one of the following reasons.

1) Your application was insufficient (ignored the suggested form, included little to no information).
2) We suspected you were a mule.
3) There was evidence, in your profile or post history, that you were wilfully ignorant.
4) Your post history and profile, combined with your application, didn't give us a good enough idea of who you are for us to accept your application.
5) We suspected that you were a troll.
6) There was evidence that you were unnecessarily rude, offensive or aggressive in discussions.
7) There was evidence of bullshitting or foolishness in your profile or post history and we can't be bothered dealing with your Mr Dark fluffy crap.

If you think we considered you unfairly you are welcome to re-apply, particularly if you are actually a new member of Gaia and do not yet have much of a profile or post history.