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Prologue: Dark Rising...

The Gist of the Story
{to be fine tuned and redone later}
A vast legion of demons are sealed underneath a large city of protectors and other general upstanding citizens (lol) and are slowly getting loose. And in increasing numbers. The various battles that follow the demons' escape tend to take place near, if not at, the home of another group who wishes to stay out of it. However, secretly, the neutral party wishes to bring an end to this war. Permanently. And how else to do so but to capture the elemental demon gods locked away and turn their power on all, good and bad. But they also have problems of their own, as the military branch of their city is led by a corrupt general and continuous civil wars plague the neutral city. With that causing disarray, all in all it becomes clear that it is every man for himself. The Ryukai (the good guys) fighting against the demons for their very survival; the Neutral Team [yet to be named] fighting to end the war and eliminate both sides; and the Demon Forces who seek to wipe out humanity and secure their rightful place as head honchoes on the pyramid of power and settle themselves at the top of the food chain.

This is The Ryukai.

Welcome to The Ryukai.
We're glad to have you amongst us. Lemme give you a quick run through of what to do once you decide to join:
1) On the main forum page there is a thread titled "Orientation". Go on inside, and read up. It is without question the most important thread in the whole guild for a new member.

2) Once you've read the Orientation, get crackin'!

3) Have fun biggrin