Hello fellow roleplayer, and thank you for stumbling upon our humble little guild!

The Roleplayer's Place is a literate roleplaying guild. By saying literate, you must have no less than two paragraph posts with proper grammar, blah, blah, blah. I assume that you understand what I am saying since you probably see this kind of introduction with every other roleplaying guild or thread. This guild isn't strictly roleplaying. [Though a big portion is.] You may find many of us chatting in some designated subforum or thread. This guild allows fellow roleplayers to get to know eachother better, and offers a good roleplaying experience.
Our guild also has many subforums for different types of roleplays, (Fantasy, Horror, Series, Yaoi, Yuri, so on and so forth.) and a subforum for one on one searches/requests.


Then please click the orange button and tell us a little about yourself, and a reason for your wanting to join the guild. Also, please provide a link to your roleplaying samples.

Thank you!!!


Roleplay Revolution