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This is... A place to let your imagination run wild. A place to manifest your deepest feelings and dreams into a reality of text and description. A place to share in a utopia of people being other people. A refuge to forget today and express yourself in other people's bodies and imaginations.

We have created this place as a homestead for everyone. We do not discriminate but welcome all types of cultures so as to foster the interaction of all types of people. We all would prefer to see literacy and grace in your writing; below-par grammar, 1337 speak and the like detract significantly from even the best scenes and characters.

Our set of forums is not entirely roleplaying, however. We have a main hangout/introduction thread and subforums for other out-of-character chat, critiques, archived threads, and authors. Our Crew is always friendly and ready to help. Our Guild is a fun and safe environment for roleplayers of all levels of experience.

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When posting an application to our humble abode, we ask for at least a small paragraph of a fairly-developed roleplaying sample, with sufficient evidence so that we know that you're able to write in a mature and literate manner. The sample can be anything, any type of sample post that one of the characters you play may end up making – so long as it does not contain coding or is so long that your sample is cut halfway through by the character limit. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to PM Magni Prime.

Examples of requests to join that won't be accepted:
  • i want to join cuz im a writer and i want to meet fellow writers and i love role playing
  • i want to join cuz i'm good at roleplaying
  • I R Awsum! Luv 2 Roelplaya!
  • because i want to roleplay and talk with people