In your request, give me a sample of your writing.

1~ Do not steal RPCs (This will get you banned IMMEDIATELY!)
2~ Follow Gaia ToS
3~ Listen to Captains
4~ Take anything above PG-13 to PMs and have a time skip in your posts
5~ Send any donations to the guild mule- L0ve1sH3ll
6~ Create an RPC thread for all of your characters (This is a must)
7~ Create an OOC thread for all of your role plays. (Just one person needs to make a thread per role play)
8~ You must post in the absences thread if you will be away for a long period of time (2+ days)
9~ Come to me immediately if you are having problems with somebody. Even if it is small. Things can escalate quickly.
10~ No fighting outside of a role play. (This will get you removed.)
11~ Create an OOC thread for any stories you write in the writer's corner for questions or suggestions about your story.
12~ If you are going to comment on someone's story, you can only say constructive criticism and nice things! NOTHING MEAN! (This will get you banned IMMEDIATELY)

1st violation- Warning PM from Captain
2nd violation- Announcement Including Your Name
3rd violation- Removed from guild
4th violation- Banned from guild