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Haihai Welcome to The Rising Sun!
Yes we are accepting join requests.
In any request to join please include the following:
Reason for joining:
Any Questions you may have:
And make sure to put any face you want. So we know you read the rules. :3

Let me tell you a bit about this guild you have stumbled upon my friend. This is one about Japanese culture. We have topics on video games, cosplay, news, food, we even have charts for the top hits in japan weekly, we will soon have a fully functioning roleplay forum, and soon fashion will be up and running.
I know what you are thinking. Is this guild for me? I think so. We accept all kinds of people! No matter age or race or sexuality. We will accept you all with open arms as if we were a big family.
I hope you consider joining us in the near future.
Ja ne,