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The year is 2006, just like it is now. But on the contrast to our everyday lives here, in this world... vampires do exist. As a matter of fact their numbers are growing. In this world they no longer try so hard to keep themselves from the public, often going on rampages in the middle of a city street. It often causes Chaos, but human's know ther is no where that they can run that vampires won't be at, so instead they stay at their houses and try to defend themselves agasint the blood sucking opponents that have flurished around them.

Everyone now adays carries a side arm of some kind, if only just to eas their own mind. Some men and women have gone through life without ever seeing a vampire. They are the lucky ones.

Unknown to everyone, vampires hold most of the sway in any political arena. They make most of the decisions concerning laws and treaties that would favor them or put them in a disadvantage.

The Setting of this Guild is London. Much like any other large city, the vampires have established themselves very well. Most of the city is controlled by one party. The Dominus Noctis Lords of the Night. This party holds the most power in the city, asserting themselves over the rest of the vampires. But recently several other small gangs of vampires have been rising up to confront them and try to make their own rules in the city.

Recently there was an assasination of The Crimson Fangs Leader by an undisclosed assassin. Sources say that it was Thanis laskin, but no one has been able to confirm it. The leader was succeded very quickly by his second in command and now the city is on the brink of war. The Crimson Fangs are out for blood agaisnt Thanis and whoever contracted the hit. Both gangs are denying it and pointing to the other and aggresivly backing the 'fact' that they didn't do it with small border clashes. Things are getting hot in London. And noone knows what the future will hold.

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Profile Template

We need more vampires people. Other characters are appreciated, but we need to get more vampires into these gangs so we can start turf wars and such. Once that happens things will get alot more interesting.

User Name:
Race: Human or Vampire
Position Wanted:


Age: If you want an elder vampire it has to be approved first. If not then keep your vampires at 250 years or younger.

Powers: don't go overboard on the powers. If you have something that is too powerful we will try to nagotiate with you or have you explain why you have that power.

Weakness(es): Your character has to have at least ONE weakness., besides the weakness to sunlight. And just becuase your profile says that you have it does not mean that everyone knows it automatically.

PM your bios to M249Gunner for approval and invitation to the guild. Thank you.