Hello and welcome to The Read Only Manga guild! ( Or for short; The R.O.M. guild. )
This guild is for discussing Manga ( Maybe some other subjects too. ), in a semi-literate fashion. But before you request to join please take the time to read the rules I wrote below:

1. Please use proper English. This is forum site not an Instant Messenger, you can stand to spend a few minutes checking your post for spelling errors. No, I'm not going to yell at you for minimal spelling or grammar mistakes, but it'd all save us the trouble of having to decipher your posts if you type intelligently.

2. Keep everything at or under PG-13. If you must talk about manga that is 18+ please do so in a non-graphic manner.

3. Be nice! I don't want flame wars in the guild.

4. Please don't post links to illegal scans of manga. *It is STRICTLY against the rules to post links to illegal material on Gaia. Anyone caught giving out links to such content in my guild will be given ONE warning. If you continue to do so, I will ban you from the guild, no exceptions.

5. In your request to join make sure you list at least 3 manga series' you've read. (Note: I DO decline anyone who doesn't follow this rule when requesting to join. It's a measure I use to make sure you've read the rules.)