Hello my name is kevin username "ratat0sk the god" this guild is for those who wish to be in the vampire family or wish yo protect it there are 6 ranks in this guild

first ranks the king which is me

second rank is the queen (my gf)

third rank are my generals in order to be a general you must be very high powered in zomg or must be a close friend of mine and also must be a vampire

fourth rank royal army you must be a vampire to be ing this ranks and cl must be 3.5 and up

fifth rank soilders do not have to be a vampire but have to understand zomg and be able to go to the lake

sixth rank are new recruit's also do not have to be a vampire

these are my ranks in my guild the point of all of this is just to have fun and if you need help anyone of us will help you even me remmeber im not a lazy king if my soilders are fighting im fighting with them lolz XD

i only have some rules for this guild

1) please respect everyone in the guild if you have a problem with someone please report it to me

2) please report in your cl and if you are human, vampire, etc.... i can not keep up with everyones status

that is pretty much it thank you for taking the time to read this