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The Profiteers is a guild committed to users
who wish to make profits on Gaia without having to spend real money,
not everyone can afford Gaia Cash, so we would like to show you
various ways to make gold around the site which are easy to learn
but hard to master.

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So why should you join? As a Profiteering guild, we are mainly interested
in showing all our members how to make profits. You will be able
to make your first millions by using the guides, complete with
detailed videos, tutorials and walkthroughs
For all your questions, we are here to give honest and helpful advice.
We have a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere, a growing community
with members from around the globe, and plenty of exciting guild
events, including contests and giveaways that all members can
participate in.

The Guides : Listed from Easy to hard -
How to sell items in the Market
How to buy items in the Market
How to buy in the wanted forum, to sell in the market.
Hoarding Items (Long Term and Short Term)
How to "Vend"
The Gaia Exchange - Exchange difficulty down to user complexity.

Join by simply sending a request with how you found this guild!

Interested in donating to the guild ?
Please read The Donations thread.