Welcome to "The Pillars of Elements" guild! If you are the type of person that likes magic, fantasy, dragons, and all that good stuff in an RP, then this is the guild for you! There can be RPs that do not have any magic in them but I alway like to have magic in them as I believe magic spices things up ;D We all want you to feel welcomed here as if this were one big family ) But like all families, there are rules.... I know this part does not sound attractive, but, it is necessary ) The rules are

1. Cussing is allowed but if you are about to lay out a Stream of them please put in things like Mother #@$&*% to compensate

2. You get three warnings.... First strike is warning, Second strike is warning with threat of being kicked out, and the third is a threat that you will be gone soon after that I kick you out!

3. No Spamming and No Trolling! If I spot you doing it forget the warnings I give you a kick out the guild door and hope it slams you on the a**!

4. Follow Gaia's ToS in case you did not see what that was It Is Gaia's Terms Of Service.................. Obey Them!

5. Do not change the story line to fit your needs! That will just make me mad....

6. Have some fun and play nice with the other Rper's.....or else

7. Nearly forgot, if you get an Rp Idea, PM it and I will read about it and If I like it, I will give you the thumbs up of approval and make an extra slot for it wink

Oh and fill this out please

Gaia Name
How long have you been Rping
Favored type of Rp's
An Example of your Rp Skills Please

Fill that out and let me read it. Using this affects your chances of getting in greatly, now continue down to the next message and read on. Also, give a mister green to let me know you read all this ;D

Oh by the way, I do not care how you post as long as it is understandable, your fine wink

Good luck, and enjoy yourself.... Or else ;D