Welcome, Dear Masters and Mistresses...

Please, step inside, make yourself at home. We have a wide range of pets for you to choose from, all of only the finest quality, so we'll sure you find someone who can satisfy your needs.

Listen Up!

This guild is not a harem or sex shop. Any behavior that violates ToS will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated, and the offending member will be immediately banned.

Some quick rules

1// Be respectful to the other users. This goes two fold for the moderators and guild Master.

2//Violating the rules will result in one warning. Second violation is an immediate ban.

3//This is a semi-literate/literate guild. Spelling doesn't matter, its the effort put into your post that does.

4//If a pet is already owned, you must get permission from the current owner to also claim them as your own pet. No exceptions.

Join Request Requirements

Unless these are met, you will bot be accepted.

~You must Submit a join request with the following requirements
~You must give a reason why you think are "worthy" to join. This includes old members of the previous guild, "I used to be in the guild" doesn't count anymore.
~You must give an RP sample to prove literacy and style. AT LEAST a small paragraph
~Please add if you will be a Master, Mistress, Pet or Slave.
Once accepted please, introduce yourself and enjoy!

Any questions may be PMed toVampire Aine, Lord Crovax, Rikastashia,

MASTERS & MISTRESSES NEEDED, for there is an abundance of Slaves and Pets!