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The Pagan haven a place of safety and refuge for Pagans and Witches alike to share, learn and connect. Your Welcome if your Pagan but not Wiccan your welcome if your Wiccan but not a witch and your welcome if your not Pagan or a Wiccan but a Witch. Including those that are just curious about Witchcraft and/or Paganism and are respectful to others.

Please respect your fellow members be them experienced in their pagan path or new to earth-based religion in general.

If you wish to join please answer the following questions
and include them in your message if you don't your request will be denied

1.Whats your name? (nickname is fine too)
2.How old are you?
3.Why do you want to join this guild?
4.What path do you follow? (examples witch, wiccan, druid, shamanic, wanting-to-learn etc.)
5.How long have you been on this path?

if you wish to make a donation to be used later in a guild contest please send the gift or trade directly to me so i can give them out at the end

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Please follow the gaiaonline's ToS like you normally would
Thank You and Hopefully Welcome? (n_n)

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