This is a guild for anyone and everyone! (^.^)/

Alls you must do to join is... dun dun dun..

...Ask! ] And I'll pro'lly and most definitely say... "Yes!"

Then, once you're a full-fledged guildie, you can go about questing on "zOMG!" with your fellow guildies!

Form a posse! Yeah! >D

Orrrrr... ] You can just chat it up in the guild forums!

!!Rules and Regulations!!
(There is only one... dun dun dun!)

1 Don't be a jerk!

(If you disobey the rules and regulations.. you spend the night in the box! And are subsequently banned forever from your fellow guildies!!!) ((And THAT would be a sad day...))

(((Soooooo- play nice! (^.^)/))) ((((Or else... [*__*]))))