Welcome to the Original Metal Guild, the first metal guild ever to be established on Gaia. We now feature a non-metal subforum, and we often hold interesting events and contests.

**Before submitting a request to join, please go inside and read the rules and the "Looking to join" thread. This will make everything go much smoother for all. If I see evidence that you didn't read those pages and this one, you'll be declined. Thank you. - Clasion

New Rules:

1. Give us a reason to allow you into the guild (At least five lines long). Something like 'I LOVE METAL!' or 'I'M A TRUE METALHEAD!' won't qualify...So don't bother...you know who you are.

2. When you first go into the guild, your first priority should be to read the rules. Posting non-metal of any kind out of it's thread is punishable by auto-ban, other offenses will be warned once and only once.

3. Be at least semi-active. We will perform mass bannings every year from now on to weed out inactive members.

4. Fear and Respect the escalator...Erm, I mean the mods. Well, at least fear us. >.>

Everything else is included in the Forum Rules. DON'T ARGUE IT! mad

Anyways, welcome to The Metal Guild.