This Organization is for the individuals that have sworn their allegiance and undying protection to Kingdom Hearts with the surrender of half their heart. In exchange for half of their heart, they were granted the power and ability needed to not only guard Kingdom Hearts, but to achieve their own heart's desires. There are currently seventeen official leaders of the desired amount of twenty-seven. Twelve of these run individual consecutive branches. Of these thirteen, the top five are the overall generals of the group. They are as follows

# Name Position Element(s)
XIII---Xeiln Fireheart---Leader/Founder-----Fire/Sound

XII---Xoshj Earthshadow--Head of Science/Alchemist/Vice----Earth/Shadow

XI---Kaxrm Coldsoul---Head of Covert Ops./Assassin/Administrator---Cold/Magnetism

X---Xatethmw Darkstar---Head of Military/Primus Pilus---Darkness/Strength

IX---Enxil Lighthand---Head of Medical/Therapist---Light/Healing

VIII---Xenegue Duskshield---Shields/Defense---Protection/Twilight

VII---Schaex Swiftstrike---Gambiteer---Electricity/Speed

VI---Feyx Cosmos---Researcher---Time/Space

V---Xehralc Watergleam---Infiltrator/Spy---Water/Stealth

IV---Sahrax Drist---Interrogator---Air/Memory

III---Trobrex Arthhand---Architect---Creation/Earth

II---Xamrius Spiritpiper---Soul Stealer---Spirits/Wind


0---Lexe Silvertongue---Keeper of Precepts/Archivist---Spoken Word/Wind




-IV---Xaenn Wildsoul---Beastkeeper/Healer---Fauna/Aura


-VI---Enivx Shadowstalker---Heart Snatcher---Darkness



-IX---Xaenthilan Worldshaper---"N/A"---Cosmic Energy


-XI---Inxel Mindbreaker---"N/A"---Void/Illusion

-XII---Adexn Goldreign---Gambler---Luck/Duplication

-XIII---Rexthun Wildheart--Leviathan--Thunder/Berserk

If you would like to be a member of the group, please apply. If intrigued by an open slot, do Private message an Official. This group is for all lovers of Roleplay, Kingdom Hearts, Magic, Dungeons & Dragons,LOST,HEROES, Video Games in general, Art, Manga, Anime, FINAL FANTASY, and otherlywise complete funness.

~Xeiln Fireheart XIII~

If you would like to apply for this guild, particularly a numbered slot, think about what your character will be contributing to our cause( job, element, and skills). If you already know that you would like to be a frontline fighter rather than a scientist or other form of mental headache, pm Xeiln and he will consider your case. If you are more interested in behind the scenes, all around good sneakiness, pm me, Kaxrm, and I will consider your case. We look very happily at originalty, and strong character personalities. We have provided a roster of current members and their most basic attributes, so I would advise looking it over very carefully before applying, in order to give yourself your own place in our family, and to ensure that our already existing brothers and sisters feel secure in their place. Now to further clarify, we are not Nobodies, the "X" in all of our crew's names may throw you for a loop, but that can be fully explained once you become one of us. Please include a moderately detailed bio when applying. Not everyone who successfully makes it in to the guild will have a number, and only those with numbers require a changed name to fit the rest of the crew. Members, you will not be required to change your name until you become a crew member, if that is what you desire. Jobs for negative crew positions or for members are as follows:

Science Division- Lab Assistants, Sample Collectors, Lab techies, , the list goes on.

Covert Operations Division- Taggers, Moles, Q's( for Bond fans ), and even Seducers.

Military Division- Centurions, Decurions, Squad leaders, Legionaries, Venators, Weaponsmiths, Field Medics, and Cooks.

Medical Division- RN, LN, Surgeons, P.A.'s the works.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Pm either Xeiln or myself before applying, thank you.

~KaxrmColdsoul XI~

The following link leads to our main Roleplaying forum. Step inside and read up.

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