If you wish to join the guild you must answer the folowing questions. Failing to answer the questions will result in an automatic decline.

1. How did you find out about this guild?
2. Who is your favorite character in Code Geass?
3. What episode of Code Geass are you on?
4. Will you be literate?

If you were declined access to this guild because you did not answer the questions above you may apply again.

*Please be literate* Literacy does not cost gold just a little time.

If you wish to donate to the guild you have two choices you may donate to Knightmare Frame if you want this guild to throw more contests. The gold you donate will help fund contest if you donate to our guild mule.


You can donate straight to the guild below if you wish to have more subforums in the guild.

This Guild was officially established on December 29th 2007 and not this date -->