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Hello. Welcome to the Official Skillet Guild. :] Here is the guild where you can discuss the best band ever....SKILLET!
Tour Dates
Really anything to do with Skillet!
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Note: I can ban you for any reason without telling you. Please stay active. Don't just join and do absolutely nothing. Make sure to post a few times. When I go through to choose people to ban, I usually attack the people with zero posts. Trust me, you will definately want to be an active poster. It will make you a less likely ban victim.

To join , we would very much appreciate it if you would use the below form. You are not required to use it, but we would love to read what you have to say about our best friends, Skillet. It is below :

Pretty, pretty please: To keep this guild as active as possible, you need to post atleast twice a week. Will you do that?

What is your favourite Skillet song and why?

What Skillet album do you like the best? Give a reason.

Why should we let you join? Please give a reason besides "I love Skillet".

Who is your favorite member?

Have you ever been to a Skillet show?