•Official Resident Evil 4 Guild•

Joining is simple, you just need to be a fan of any Resident Evil game, you need to be respectful and you need to watch your language. If you do not follow any of these simple rules, you will be kicked from the group. Also, when you join, please try to stay active, your just taking up space if you join and never come on.


Guests may post in the guest section of the forums. Any posts by guests in other parts of the guild will be deleted until they are true members of the guild.

•Guild Description•

This is a guild dedicated to Resident Evil 4. We have been around since October 2007, and we are friendly. We don't bite like those nasty zombies do, so don't be afraid to join in our community. Watch your step though, you might step in a bit of zombie blood. We discuss everything Resident Evil related, but our guild mainly revolves around Resident Evil (4). There is also no entry fee, and there never will be one, so joining is free!


-Leon_S_Kennedy2122 (Guild Founder/Administrative Lead)
-Blood Blue Roses (Administrative Lead/Guild Moderator/Guild Artist)
-whatever_desu (Guild Moderator/Guild Artist)
-Castlevania Chronicles (Guild Moderator)

Last Updated: March 26, 2009 10:36 PM