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"A hero must believe."

Welcome to the Official Halo 3 Guild!
Please provide at least one reason for joining in your request.
(It doesn't need to be a novel, just a solid statement)

______________________ Basic Guild Rules ______________________

No flaming, spamming, or cybering.
If you do not know what cybering is, go find out before you join.
Anyone that spams the guild will be kicked out immediately.

Text talk is not tolerated in the guild.
This is not to be confused with spelling/grammar errors.
Sentences should be clear, on topic and readable.

Please be considerate towards newer players.
They have just as much of a right to be here as the pro players.

Please follow these three simple guild rules if you are going to join.
Also, please try to be somewhat active in the guild forums as a member.
There is no entry fee, so join up and be a part of our Halo 3 community on Gaia!

~Necrotic Shogun~