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It is regretful to inform, but currently this guild has been set as inactive. Updates have been pushed to further deadlines, and members have become less and less responsive. Posting and activites within the guild are still permitted, and new members will be accepted. Please be patient as changes are soon to come. Thank you, ~Nami Elementallist.

Welcome to The Official .Hack//G.U. Guild!

Here is the top source for all your .Hack//G.U. needs. Where all your questions of //Rebirth, //Reminisce, and //Redemption are answered! Join our vast growing community and share your love for everything G.U.!

Becoming a Member!
Becoming a member is as easy as sending in a request. We check the request inbox every day, so if we haven't responded or your request was misplaced, please feel free to PM the captain or any crew members.

Member Bonuses!
-Exclusive "Official .Hack//G.U. Guild" Profile themes!
{More may be added or changed later on}

DONATIONS: Due to the overwhelming amount of funding from our dedicated members, I must please ask that no more money be funded to the guild at this time. Additional forums shall be purchased in the future, and thank you to all members who have supported us thus far.

Quiz: Which .Hack//G.U. character are you?

Notes from the Captain:
Thank you to all who have joined the guild! Thanks to JaxxSC for trading me this awesome guild, and my friends for supporting me thus far. All questions and issues are to be taken up with the Guild Captain Nami Elementallist.


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