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This is a guild dedicated to all those Gleeks out there! Welcome! Are you a Kurt fan? A Finn fan? A Rachel fan? A Sunshine fan? How about a Mercedes fan? You can even celebrate the dark side of Glee! Are you a Sue fan? Or a Beiste fan? Or a Britney and Santana fan? Well you are all welcome!

In an actual glee club? Come and discuss how you are putting yourself forth in the great world of music, choir, and theatre! There is nothing like a true-born Gleek!

Come chat while the show runs here at "Live Chat Spoilers Alert\"

This guild will be most active on Tuesdays at 8pm EST as the members will be chatting it up with other fans in the Live Chat room!

Come on in! Take your bow! And remember, dont stop believin'! Or imma "Bust Yo Windows Out Your Car!".....just kidding. XD