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Eureka 7: the tale of a young boy Renton and the mysterious girl named Eureka.

Renton Thurston is a young 14 year-old boy who is tired of his monotonous life. The only things that make him happy is when he lifts/refs, an extreme form of aerial hoverboarding or reads the magazine Ray=Out; made by a band of air pirates called the Gekko State. His feelings of frustration come from his life of toil in his grandfather's garage and being the son of an enigmatic, legendary hero; Adroc Thurston. Renton dreams of being free from his hell hold of a town and joining up with Gekko State.

One day a large LFO (Light Finding Operation) craft called Nirvash TypeZERO falls from the sky and crashes on his home. When the cockpit to Nirvash opens a beautiful young girl named Eureka emerges and asks for repairs on her LFO. When a smitten Renton literally falls in love at first site, he falls over himself to help her. The two begin a journy that will change both of their destinies forever...

The quest has now ended, the journey now over, but will the Gekko-Go and it's crew ever be the same after all they have been through?
Many hardships are faced with so many left to over come The state of the world is now left in the hands of a young boy and the coralian girl he has fallen in love with. What king of future will these two bring, one of peace? or one of despair?

1. Who is your favorite Gekko State member?

2. What is our signature reffing/lifting move?

3. The secret [manga] name of our ship is?