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Gakuen Heaven
Gakuen Heaven is a PC based anime and manga. Originally released by the company SPRAY. The franchise gradually expanded to include three PlayStation 2 games, drama CD's, manga (2 volumes), and anime (13 episodes). Bell Liberty School, nicknamed BL Academy. The boys' high school that everyone aspires to where the elite from all over the country assemble. Ever since the day Keita Itō received the letter of admission called the "platinum paper" his life then change quite a bit. Though Keita seems to be an average guy without any sort of special skills, he is a very warm and friendly person and becomes friends with most of the student council and club presidents. The shonen-ai story, from both the game, anime, and manga (which the manga is more of a Yaoi than a Shonen-ai) is loved by both Fangirls and Fanboys everywhere.

Haven’t seen or heard of Gakuen Heaven?

That’s totally fine, but we do recommend watching it. Don’t miss out on a anime worth watching, but please still join because not all roleplays will have to be based on Gakuen Heaven and their characters.

Here’s the link to the Opening to Gakuen Heaven! Listen to it!:

▒ What is Shōnen-Ai or Yaoi?

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Shōnen-ai is a milder or less graphic version of Yaoi. This guild is for both Yaoi & Shōnen-Ai~Yaoi is a romantic relationship between two (or more) males. Or Homosexual/ Gay Love. If you find Boy’s Love Offensive then this isn’t the guild for you. You’ve been warned.

What the purpose of this guild?

This guild is meant for semi-literate and literate roleplays. We do not encourage role plays with two or three liners. The guild is meant for roleplay, based of the ideas of the game/anime/mange Gakuen Heaven. And if you haven’t watched the anime then your really missing out, but no worries. Still please join us, not all are Roleplays will be based on Gakuen Heaven. School related role-plays of any kind are welcomed here anytime, so please join! But do please note that the roleplays will all revolve around Yaoi or Shōnen-Ai.

How to join this guild?

Just list why you want to join and please stay active here. That’s all~ Besides having fun!!!

Notice: When sending in your join request, try to be as literate as possible. Literacy is preferred here. If you are a literate typist, disregard this message. Gaians in the past have tried to join and their message was unclear.

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We hope to see you around! Please Join!

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