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[{ Welcome to the one and only official Gaia Spirit Week Guild! }]


Hi everyone!
Welcome to our lovely guild!

Now, it may be that some of you have not yet heard about the magical event known as Spirit Week! -gasp-
It's okay. Here's a bare bones sort of explanation:
Gaia Spirit Week is an annual completely user run event in early July (usually the first or second week). It promotes unity amongst Gaians and encourages people to thank the mods and admins who run this site! People dress up differently each day for a week according to the themes we make up to show their support and whatnot. It's really fun, and you should definitely come next year. ;D
Make sure you click the 'join' button so you'll get an announcement when Spirit Week begins!

You may be thinking, what's the point of joining the guild?
Well let me tell you!
You'll get to hang out and chat with a lot of really cool people (srsly.) and you'll also get to hear about all the news of Spirit Week first!
You'll even be able to influence the way we run Spirit Week, as we ask the members of the guild for their input on various matters. Who knows, you might even suggest on the themes for next year!
Also, we send out announcements as soon as the new thread is ready, and when the event begins, so if you join you won't be one of those many people who stumble in two days into the event saying, "Wait this is happening NOW? I didn't know until today! I've missed part of it!"
Prevent this by joining!

Please, have a look around the forums, and say hello! Invite all your friends! We'd love to have you. :]

Spirit Week '15 is open and running!
Come on in and join us!
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Note: Wondering why you have to request to join, and all that nonsense? It's just so we can keep a rough sort of record of how many people join when. Everyone is welcome!

Note 2: Wait! Are you about to donate just down there? If you are, please thinking about sending a trade to I r Spirit Week instead, that way we can use the money for contests and prizes, not only for the guild!