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Hello!This is the Official Avalon Family Guild!Home to the Avalon family! ^^ Don't be shy, make yourself at home. The Avalon family welcomes you with strawberry cupcakes! =D or tea/coffee if that's what you prefer.I'm sure just by being here you already have quite a few questions, so I'll answer all the questions I would ask if I had just arrived at a strange guild that claims to be a family...

What Is The Avalon Family Guild?

The Avalon Family Guild is just our simple gaia family ^^ Like any other, each of us have our own gaia siblings, parents, cousins, and even children!I know it's great isn't it?

Why Should I Join The Avalon Family Instead Of Making My Own?

The Avalon family is VERY friendly!And it would be really nice if you joined in on the fun!Besides, we're so organized we have a GUILD for our family!X3 Come to the Avalon family...we have cookies.

Well that's all I can think of right now ^^ We will update the description once we have everything together.And I almost forgot!We're planning on getting a family tree made! ^^ It would be hard to update if we actually drew it by hand, so I was thinking maybe find an online program that can make family trees.


1. When you want to join, send a request saying who you would like to be in our family. Don't just post the name of a family member,(ex brother, sister, mother etc.)Choose a specific member of the family and say what relationship you will have.(ex Strawberry_Cupcakez01's Father)
2....Well, there really isn't anything else to say ^^ If the position you want is already taken, or there are already too many of that certain family member, like siblings, we will ask you to pick again =) no one is ever ACTUALLY rejected!

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your stay at the Avalon household! ^^

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