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Secret knowledge, supernatural forces, "unnatural" abilities and non-mainstream religions all fit under the umbrella term "occult." This guild exists for members to share their knowledge of the occult, based on their specific interests. This is a scholarly guild, dedicated to the knowledge of its members. Mystery creates fear, but knowledge creates understanding.

The idea behind this guild is to create a library of experiments, essays, discussions and debates about any and all aspects of the occult, from religion to magick to the paranormal and supernatural. The main premise of the guild is to approach the guild seeking to research and improve one's ideas, not to debunk everyone else's. We're here primarily to help one another with their research.

This guild is open to all who seek knowledge, be they Pagan, Christian, neophyte, adept, spiritual or skeptical. All religions and faiths (or lack thereof!) are welcomed; All we ask is that you keep an open mind.

When requesting to join, please answer the following question: "Why do you want to join the Occult Research Society?" Try not to give short, perfunctory answers like "looks awsum" or "i like wicca!!!!!!" - actually try to convince us that you want to be part of the discussion here.

Staying active in the Guild is an important criterion for membership.

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