This be the Nice GD'ers Guild.
If you are a drama whore or an egotist[ /color]ical.[co lor=#dcb400].. meanie, then mostly likely this guild is not for you.
But if you promise to at least pretend your nice while here then you can go ahead and join anyway. xD
We're the laid back kiddies who are sweethea[color =#8 cdc00]rts but still know how to have fun.


  • Follow the Gaian Tos.
  • Don't pick fights
  • Respect others opinio ns
  • Please don't spam or flame.
    [color =#3b316f]Crew
  • If you see a thread in the wrong subforu m move it.
  • When you delete[/col or] a thread make sure to pm the one who made it.
  • If you have any questions about anythin g you can always pm me.
    Edit: Spamming is approved of only in the "Spam Spam Spam" Subforum.

    Anything else, up to you.
    You do what you think best.

Awesome stuff made by awesome members
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Made by [spazztast!k]
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Made by Colonial unicorn ^
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Made by me (sissy) ^
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Made by Death by pinecones! ^

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^Made by the TheIncrediblyLongUsername
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From me (sissy) to the guild

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Made by Scandalous bb

*cue bongo music*

While pondering the forums of gaiaonline,
It is in the GD that I spend my time.
And it is inside this magical place,
That I see people of many personalities and race.

There's prommies and trolls and spammers galore
And here and there lies a simple poll whore.
But there's a special few that I'll tell you of,
The kind of people that I cherish and love.

These GDers are of a special kind,
They have bigger hearts and a cooler mind.
They are the nice GDers, a fantastic group,
And I'm always glad to be part of that loop.

Because of this, if I ever had to choose,
A place to go to to cheer up my blues,
This guild is definately the place to be,
The Nice GDers guild is the guild for me! heart

~Death By Pinecones!



The Nice GDers Meet Up

A short story by Obi Wan Kendrobi

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sissyabug, she was always extremely nice, so she decided to make a guild for other nice people like her.
The Nice GDers guild is always a friendly place to hang. Everyone is so nice and polite.
Then they started a plan, a plan to meet up one day...

"OMG! I can't believe it's almost time for us to meet each other in person! Only three days!" Exclaimed Sissyabug.
"Me either!" Agreed Obi Wan Kendrobi. "So, when you gon' ring muh doorbell?" wink
"Oh my." redface
eek "Wtf?" [Spazztast!k] queried.
"Woops, didn't see you thar." redface redface redface Said Obi Wan Kendrobi, clearly embarassed.

Three days passed and all of the Nice Gders met in a desolate spot in the middle of nowhere. There were mountains of icecream and rainbows were everywhere, and even though it was sunny, the icecream didn't melt at all! It was the most wonderful tasting icecream as well, because it was made with love.
All of us Nice GDers talked and played games and ate iceream and cake and cake all day long. That night, there was tremendous love-making and it was the best anyone had ever experienced and ever will experience in all their days. Cuz we're just that good. cool

The End.

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