The New Way is a guild for telling others if you ruled the world, how things would change. What are political leaders doing wrong and how would you do them differently? We aren't going to just complane about the economy and say how we hate the government. We will say what we think should be done about it. Also, shareing tips about ways we can help the enviroment is going to have a place here as well.
If you want to join please be civilized. That means if your request to join looks like this
“Hey the government sux u shoudl let me join i would be a awsome member!!1!”
You won’t get in. Also, please keep swearing to a minimum and actually tell us why you want to join. However if you spell a few words wrong here and there we won’t be picky, same goes for grammar.
For now there won’t be any fee to join so there is literally nothing for you to lose to join.