Welcome to my Guild, this is a Bleach RPG , this is not a fan page, this is an RPG. All Classic Characters may be used, and you may use Original Characters of your own creation. There are only two sides, Soul Reapers, and the Arrancar/Espada. Also If you want to join you must give me a good reason why i should let you join and i want to know how active you are and if you donate

1.) Follow Gaian ToS
2.) Keep things PG-13 so if your gonna do "IT" then time skip
3.) Cursing is okay, just don't constantly do it as every word in the sentence
4.) You May free roam as you please, but do note that some areas are territorial, so watch yourself
5.) No God Moding
6.) Have lots of Fun and stay Active ------------------------------------------------------------
If you Do want to join i must ask that when you fill out why you wana join, please add how active you are, if you donate to the guild offten, and how you found this guild ------------------------------------------------------------
Act 1 The Brewing... Things have been peaceful lately, but now it seems there is a uprise with the Espada/Arrancar again, the Soul Reapers are quiet Puzzled and want to find why they are getting so active again.