The Neverending Clan is an RP based peaceful society of friends and family members.
We seek serenity, peace, and justice for all within.
Our RPs are not restricted to combat only, in fact we'd like to encourage all members to participate and submit their own RPs, any genre, so long as they follow the Gaia rules, regs and guidelines.

As for the world we reside in, well, that's open for all of us to build and expand upon, but here's what you need to know starting off

The planet is called Planet Sheilas, located in a 12 planet solar system in the Andromeda Galaxy and is the 4th planet from the sun in this system.

The planet is three times that of earth, with 3 times the mass and density, and 3 times the gravity. It is a lush, green fertile planet, with 5 major continents and 4 oceans; The Northern Ocean, the Western Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and the Eastern Ocean. The atmosphere is comprised of the same elements as Earth, with a much higher Oxygen level.

Planet Sheilas was created over 7 billion years ago, it has had 3 major extinctions, the last one was caused underwater volcanic eruptions that caused much of the once super continent, Grias Major, to break apart and sink into the seas. Although the event was on an unprecedented level, only an estimated 60% of life died out, although, some species survived long enough to evolve (This being fantasy, there are dragons, sea monsters, and other mythological creatures). In modern times, the sentient species of this planet live in harmony with nature, though their science and technology is quite advanced, the take of their world first and foremost.
In the northern hemisphere, on the continent Cosalas, the inhabitants are the most diverse, as they are the sanctuary for many, not just of this planet, but also from other worlds and realms, with magic users, non magic users, aliens, etc. The peace is presided over, and kept by the Neverending clan, and marshaled by their Prince and Captain; Night of The Neverending and his family, including his wife and Vice Captain, Princess Sea of Neverending.

The capitol city is Donna City, where the royal family's castle sits atop a mountain sized asteroid, that had crashed there and caused the second mass extinction in the middle of lake Se-ahl, in the middle of the city. Sixteen stories tall with a 650 mile radius, the surrounding lake is 1,250 feet around and over 100 meters at it's deepest. The castle itself is heavily guarded, with expertly trained warriors patrolling at all times. This is where your adventure begins...(Note, the world itself will be expanded upon by all members. History, mythology, legends, and locations are open for expansion.)