In this guild, I will start off a story for you with my 2nd in command Mod. We will then send you a Pm allowing you to enter the story! And from there the story is yours, if you have any ideals do Leave them in the suggestions forum I will designate just for that. Basically there will be different Genres of story, Romance, Mystery, Adventure, etc. There will be a skeleton character pro in each forum section, you must fill it out, or I will delete your posts. I will not tolerate anyone doing one sentence posts, every single post must be very descriptive. And I also won't allow anyone using these symbols "-, *" to show their doing an action. Please write it out. Help paint a picture as you go along. PhotoBucket Pics, are greatly encouraged! As long as there is no nudity unless its put into words like this"She took her dress off letting it hit the floor in a flurish, she stepped towards him her breast soft and nipples erect" Something like that.