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You walk slowly through the cluster of trees and come to an opening. You have just left the Mansion where which you were turned into a werewolf. There is nothing but eerie silence all around. There's a blur! Suddenly you are tackled down to the floor, being pinned by other werewolfs. Your surrounded and two authority figures step forward. A voice comes from one of them and says "Your not from around here." Whispers rise up from the werewolfs around you. "Do you wish to join us?" If no, then you may create another pack of your own and battle for land against us, or join us and create the ultimate united pack...

This guild is for werewolfs alike and unalike. Mainly for roleplaying, but lots of side discussion, and contests too! It was created due to there being no guilds around the Moon Rise event, so here it is! UPDATE! You may now play as a hunter against the werewolf packs.

*Warning: If you are not active, you WILL be removed without a second thought. All we ask is that you get in ONE post a week.Not too hard right?

Got questions? PM me!
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