First of all, thanks for coming in and checking out our guild!

Second, we'd like to ask you a couple questions!

1. Have you ever been hacked?

2. Has one of your friends, or family members, ever been hacked?

3. Were you annoyed by it?

If you answered yes to any of these, then come on and join this awesome guild that's mostly about hating hackers! In this guild we will try and get rid of the hackers!
The best part is, we do it as one, big, happy, Gaian, family!


1. No hackers! (obviously!)

2. If you'd like to invite people, please PM the Captain, Vice Captain, or a Crew member. We will normally agree to the invitation. (However, we will give a direct reason on why we might think the invitation shouldn't be sent.)(Only the Captain, V.C., and Crew members, may invite freely.)

3. Please be active. It's not just the mere fact of being in the guild, but it's remaining active and helping.

4. There will be no, under any circumstances, begging for raises in guild position. The only way to get higher in the guild, is by:

-Posting actively in the guild forums.
-Donating, when you can, to the guild bank.
-Inviting people, who sucessfully join.
-Contests, if stated in the actual text.

There is no other way you will be raised. If you have done these things a plethera amount of times, and still have not been raised, PM Randompeoples or Pixichix, and they will look into it.

5. Make sure to abide by all ToS and GGN rules

~Crew Rules~

1. There will be no abusing of the "Crew Power".

2. Please invite people that you know will more, or likely, be active.

3. When viewing offers to join the guild, only accept people that you believe, or know, are okay. If you aren't sure about a person, on whether you should or should not accept, leave the name alone, and if you would, PM Pixichix and state your reason.

4. If you believe that there is a crew member, or member, that should not be in the guild, PM Randompeoples or Pixichix, and clearly state the reason why you think they should not be in the guild, and they will look into it.

5. Follow all ToS, and GGN rules.


One word.
Post, post, post! (Okay, technacality, three)

We are super appreciative of anyone willing to post, and it get's our forums going! Plus you get gold! Come on, it's a win- win situation!

And also, if you've not already checked out the forums, make sure to take a look at the 'rules' section so you don't get heat with Randompeoples if you post something you shouldn't.

(And we don't need any of that!)


If you are interested in roleplaying, please feel free to check out our section!

If you want to join, please, be courteous, and give us a reason on why we should let you join!

RAWR! Its the Cannibal Cupycake! RAWR!