The Million Generations is a family guild. The original family was created by Talathiel Daerwen. She was originally looking for a family, but it soon became a guild. Once you join, go to the Generations forum to submit what part of the family you are. Be specific. (Oddball brother, annoying little sister, etc.) Then, from there, you can make friends and take job offers.
Job offers are jobs you get paid gold to do. (Just like in Fairy Tail.) You can get paid up to 10k gold, but on an S-Rank job, it can go up to 50k. Such jobs are delivering messages, killing monsters in zOMG!, and finding certain items. S-Rank jobs involve killing bosses, bringing a big fish on Gaia into the guild, and finding extremely rare items. You may be put into teams. This is to bring the family closer together while you fight for your life as a savage rabid beast tries to rip out your pixelated throat. :3
Now, no one said that you had to get along. You can fight like a normal family too. NO HACKING. That mandates immediate banishment. Speaking of banishment, there is punishment from the parents, grandparents, and the big brother. (That's me, Nuts With Chocolate.) Doing things you aren't supposed to will bring punishments such as suspension, demotion, or humiliation. The rules are as follows.
1. No hacking.
2. No cyber. (Keep it a very light R. No family's perfect. You can still be pervy, however.)
3. No begging for a promotion. (You have to work for it.)
And finally...
RULE #4: NO CHEATING ON JOBS!!! (I will confirm whether you've done your job or not.)

Remember... The point is to expand the family... SO HAVE FUN!!!!