The Mighty Jorge Legion of Unspeakable and/or Speakable Doom is an organization made by me, The Mighty Jorge (Supreme Overlord and darn nice guy!). The purpose of this Legion is a simple one: To put me and all my loyal Legion members into supreme power over our domain!! Of course, I'm a fair and honest leader. I provide for my subordinates when I can. And I can provide even more once I'm Supreme Overlord!!!! Kyahahahahahahahaha!!!!! .......ahem.....sorry about that. And, before anybody writes us off as another group of power hungry, evil people, let me make something clear. We are not an "evil organization" per se. While we will not hesitate to crush the bones of those who oppose us into a fine powder to be used to chalk the Overlord's baseball diamond, it will only be if they piss us off and to protect those who I wish to rule with an iron,yet yielding, fist of tyranny.

If ya wanna join, I'm gonna need an RP profile first. Unless your just comin' for OOC chat. Then I don't need a profile but, ya won't be allowed to post in the RP topic at all. For those who wish to join the RP topic, here is the outline for the profile.

Weapons(if any):
Powers and Skills (if any):
RP sample:

Now, when making a character, try not to be to overpowered or invincible. I'm not trying to say don't make the character ya want but, take into account that not everybody wants to stand around while an omnipotent being with godly powers solves all the problems around them. Just a suggestion though.

By the way, here is a link to the original forum for my legion in the guilds section. Go and visit to see if ya would wanna join here after all.

The Mighty Jorge Legion So Far