Since his initial debut in 1964, along side his brothers, Michael Jackson has captivated audiences around the world of all different ages. Despite being the youngest member of the original Jackson five Jackson was often widely acclaimed in the music industry. His astounding vocal control, and his heart felt singing brought him into the public spotlight.

In 1971 Jackson parted from his brothers to pursue a solo career that blossomed into a rousing success.

Not long after beginning his solo career did Jackson release his album Thriller, which to this day remains unscathed by the sales of others, reaching legendary status and selling approximately 110 million copies world wide.

Through the years following Jackson was revered an entertainment prodigy, and remains the most commercially successful, and one of the most influential artist of all time, accumulating an astounding array of awards over his life.

Over nearly four decades the King of Pop dominated the music industry, inspiring young musicians, writers, lyricists, and the world as a whole.

This Guild is dedicated to the celebration of the memory; the life of Michael Jackson.

1958 - 2009

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