If your life has been affected by mental illness then you wont regret checking out our guild.
Browse our information archives and discuss medication, therapy/treatment, insurance and financial aid, ask for advice, and talk about your symptoms.
You may also join if you have a friend or loved one who suffers from mental illness in which you would like to learn more about.

There is no entry fee, and no deletion of inactive members
Just send in an application with a short explanation as to why you would like to join. Be aware that blank forms, forms with 5 words or less, and random applications ( "lolpeanuts. can i join?" ) will be rejected.

If you would like to be approved with less of a wait, please send the guild master, a guild crew member, or the guild mule a PM about your application.

--- Brief FAQ ---

What do you have in terms of content?
Some of our sub-forums include Chat, Journals, and The Rant N' Vent.
We also have informational archives for various mental issues, which are packed with information on their respective subjects.

Why is the guild Hidden?
This is to keep the member's personal, private details more protected- and of course for safety/security purposes. The forum and member list can only be viewed by people who have joined the guild.

My request to join the guild was rejected. Is this final?
It all depends on the circumstance. If you have a valid reason for joining, just message the guild Captain and your application rejection will be discussed. If it's found that your application rejection was a mistake, then you will receive a guild invitation.

--- Affiliations & Donations ---

We are affiliated with:
Nobody! if you're interested, PM Rosalind Hawk.

Please keep in mind that if you use the donation form below, we will only be able to use the gold to buy sub-forums and send guild announcements.

As an alternative you may send donations to the guild mule, Professor Prozac.
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Donated funds and items will have many more uses in order to benefit both the guild and it's members. Thank you!

Captain Suggestion:

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"This is a cancer awareness movement originally brought to Gaia in support of Long Vo (aka VO, art director and admin here on Gaia), whose father died from cancer April 2006.

The Daffodil Movement is usually held through the month of April. Traditionally during the event, users equip a daffodil bouquet on their avi to show support. The yellow daffodil is a symbol of renewal and hope, chosen by the American Cancer Society as an icon for the fight against cancer."