The Menoichi family have started to move once again.

We are here to challenge other rival families who threaten the peace of Gaia.

We never back down from any situation even if we know the consequence(s). But the only consequence I can't handle is the death of one of my closest family members.

To prevent me from losing anyone, our family must be strong.

The Menoichi Family's tradition is that the 6 guardians of the sky (Storm, Rain, Sun, Mist, Cloud, and Lightning) are the closest friends to the family's boss. The boss's attribute is the Sky.

We will start our family's history as the first generation's Menoichi Family.

Every 500 days, the current generation will retire to a new generation which entrusts the power of the Menoichi Family to the next generation. The future of the Menoichi Family lies in the hands of the future bosses. For every boss, there will be a fork in the road to destiny. Good and bad. No one can control the boss's decision.

We, as the first generation, hope to inspire the young lives of the future bosses and guardians to steer down the path of good.

- Primo Boss, Asuke Menoichi