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User Image ANGEL - Release Date: 14th Feb 2011

Guild Introduction

Hello and Welcome the the Official Maximum Ride Guild™

This Guild is dedicated to thoses who are fans of James Patterson's series!

We have heaps of things in store! Roleplaying, Contests, Giveaways!

Being part of this guild there are no restrictions! You have your freedom of speech! Come and chat with the myself or other members of the crew!

Guild Rules

arrow Follow Gaia TOS.
arrow Show respect to fellow members and Mods of this guild
arrow No spamming in threads or creating threads for spamming you may be banned
arrow Please don't create drama towards one another we would like to keep it civil online
arrow No harrassing or begging for gold
arrow No flamming please
arrow Enjoy yourself here, we only want you guys to be happy! heart

How to Join

It is now an automatic entry! 10 Gold Fee! We don't ask for any reason to join because its boring! 3nodding

Captain's Time to Talk

Thanks for joing us! I created to guild for you to enjoy others company and hangout, participating in contests and other events held by fellow members of this guild! If you have any suggestions on improving this guild please feel free to PM myself directly or one of the Vice Captains!

Kind Regards,

Chained_Together and the Team

Note: Donating

Donating is fine, however the donations you make to the guild is only used for creating subforums and sending annoucements!

If you wish to make an effective donation please consult the guild account username: Mule of Chain

Mule of Chain is not run by me, it is a completely different person! I repeat completely different person I just made to account for her. She does all the financing of this guild and is a very kind hearted person like myself. She distributes the gold according the the winners of each contests and a very good detector of people trying to scam!