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The Constitution of the Guild

Preamble and Purpose:
The world we live in is conditioned by one central fact: The destruction of the Soviet Union, the first successful proletarian revolution.
As such, working class and socialist ideology has been thrown back all over the world, though in an uneven fashion.
This means the rise of non-Marxist socialist tendencies: From the rise of Green Radicalism and Anarchoid tendencies in the Imperialist centres to National-Populists in the colonial/neo-colonial world such as the Zapatistas and the 'Bolivarian Revolution' in Latin America.

A pressing need is felt for clarification on the numerous demands and programmes propounded by these socialist [and in some cases not even that!] tendencies.

Therefore, this guild has been created to collect all the communists and socialists on Gaia Online in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and help achieve clarification on numerous issues. This is not a party, and as such no ideological demands are made of the membership other than a commitment to a socialism.

This is a place that COMMUNISTS AND SOCIALISTS can come to talk about stuff. The can come here and talk about how to make socialism, how to oppose capitalism, the roots and solutions to all the attending problems.

The guild is NOT here for Liberals to come and deny that capitalism is harmful to the existence of the human race. The guild is NOT here for Libertarians to deny that racism and sexism exist. The guild is NOT here so that anti-communists of whatever stripe can question the basic assumptions of our world views.

The guild IS here for communists and socialists to talk about how to understand these things and how to deal with them. People who want to argue with non-leftists can argue in EDP. Once they step into the guild however, SOCIALISM REIGNS.

This guild exists to bring together varying shades of left-wing socialism and provide them with a place where they can learn about socialism and discuss the differences between the various socialist trends without non-socialists questioning the base assumptions or outright denying them.

To join, please state your views, in as little or as great detail as you wish, on the following:

1: Class society

2: Oppression

3: Women's oppression/the 'woman question'

4: Racism

5: Nationalism