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Like blood is the thickest
The night is the blackest

What's Rp'ing without a little Madness?

My dear little reader, here you must expect madness, pure ludicrousy and... Rpg's! Well okay, actually it's all just Rpg's. Unless one of the members is actually insane, then maybe there is a little madness.

(I do dearly advise taking a look at this before joining)

Rule 9001 No god modding (I mean seriously, that makes the game no fun.) God modding is when you control other peoples characters or control anything that doesn't belong to you. Also you cannot be super powered and completely unbeatable. Every hero has his Achilles heel....

Rule Tango Be nice pls and thx.

Rule 129 Please try your best to be literate. Make it easy for us to read your stuff. You don't have to be a grammar god (I'm obviously not one), but it has just got to be readable. Not very fun reading run on sentences that seemingly never end or have any place for you to take a breathe while reading it it's kind of exhausting actually oh god THIS ISN'T A PIZZA?! <----example

Rule Verde If you are going to join us and our stories, please make sure that you read the little summaries that I've provided to explain the premise of them. It can be, quite frankly, a tad annoying when someone makes a character that is completely out of place because their creator has no idea what the story is really about. I know that this part is rather tedious, but it's required to keep the story flowing nicely.

Rule 69 No *ahem* pornography please, we keep it pg 13 in this guild. Well I mean, you can totally swear but there ain't no room for erotica in this town. ~ Thank you.

Rule Important Inactivity is not something I tolerate for very long in this guild, especially if there's no notice or given reason as to why. So please, please sir/madam, I beg of you. Take a pause and listen to your heart. Are you going to be an active member in this guild? Have you taken a look at our Rp's? Do you like them?

I ask you to do this because time and time again we get people who join but never say anything or do anything! It's quite frustrating. Like dirty socks all over our precious checkered floors, Inactive members clutter this humble home and it's such a waste of time for me to pick them up and toss them out. So please, please, please, please.
Join us only if you truly intend to be completely mad!

Rule M (And most important mind you) HAVE FUN and remember, this is just a game!

Also, obviously, follow the rules of gaia
Whatever those rules are....

Ah yes and if our rules have not turned thou eyes away from us then there is one last thing. To join us you will need to let me know some things about yourself.
Favorite Villain?
What kind of RP's do you like?
How active can you be?

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I look forward to having you join us...

Oh and just remember, we're all a little mad here. wink