The universe is not a cold, dead thing. The Universe is full of life. Although this wasn’t always known by the humans it is now. It’s 4024, and it’s been 2000 years since humans finally realized that they weren’t the only ones in the universe, not only that but there are many different solar systems with planets and species of their own. They have also learned the hard way that some of these races are friendly, and others are downright deadly. With human’s skills in technology they started creating a giant ship to allow them to travel and hopefully form better relationships with the other races. Little did they know that their ship wouldn’t just help mend relationships with the races from other planets, but it would be their whole universes savior.

It’s called The Zoo and this group of deadly creatures has been going around destroying universes and enslaving the races of different planets and making them part of their “freak show”. So far no one has been able to destroy them or even hurt them. It was only time till they came to the Milky Way. They started at the planet Pluto and it was spread throughout the universes that they had come to kill everyone. Quickly every human on Earth worked on the ship they were building, hoping to finish it in time to save themselves. They would have never been able to do it alone and all hope was looking like it was lost when they sent out a message to the other planets. They had a ship, and if the others would help them finish it in time they could come too. Soon small ships started to appear with different species, some which the humans had never seen in person. It was only together they they were able to finish the ship in time. They named it the Charon.

As The Zoo made it's way towards Earth the last of the Handans were boarding, only a few of them even surviving to make it to the ship. Thankfully even though The Zoo is deadly it isn't all that fast, and also doesn't have good tracking skills, for it was those two things that allowed the Charon to get away. Blasting into hyper space the species of our universe search for a new place to call their home. It has been over three hundred years since the Charon left Earth for a new place to call home and so far the search has been unsuccessful. However there is plenty of activity on Charon to keep things exciting and there is always that hope that soon they will have a home.