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The Illuminating Society was a clan originally created in 2007 by the Gaia user, Azurux. His goals, as we interpret them, were to establish a principled coalition of users capable of building relationships across several spheres of influence on Gaia.

In 2012, FTW Kitten, with Azurux's expressed consent, took over the Illuminating Society and used Azurux's model to connect a vibrant roleplay community with Gaia Military guilds.

Now in 2017, a decade after its original founding, Katulain is committing to rebuild the society to discuss Gaia's future and a possible unified platform to adopt.

The Illuminating Society is an invite-only. Members can be invited by the Captain, Vice Captain and Crew. However, all discussions are public as the guild is marked 'Private'. This is for purposes of public transparency and accountability.

There are no announcements and/or stickies in this guild. There are also no ranks. There are no rules specific to the guild. Discussion is led by interested parties and everyone in the guild may participate in a fair and equitable way.


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