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Welcome to the The Literate Knights of Gaia. We are a guild for the literate members of the roleplaying community. Now we have gotten into a rp and someone only makes one or two lines as a post. Not only does this not help the storyline but it drags down the rp causing one to carry the weight alone. This often leads to the person leaving the rp and thus another story dies without a happy ending. Sad isn't it?

However here at we are all literate members who have true passion for roleplaying. Its not just master and slaves in chains. It is magical land filled with unicorns and elves, a tower in space under attack by men in suits, an island where women rule over men only a inch tall , a weathly man searching for his long lost son, it is a angel and demon hiding thier unholy child from the eye of God. It is the world you want to create. No master and slave profiles to make or marketplaces to visits. It is true roleplaying freedom. I hope you let your imagination truly free here.

1. Please follow gaia rules and guildlines.
2. Please be polite to others
3. Don't just jump into someone's rp. Ask first.
4. No cypering here. Either take it somewhere else or time skip.
5. No Godmodding an rp
6. Please talk properly and correctly. No text talking.
7. Please follow my rules. If you have a problem, pm me or a vice for help. We will take care of it.
8. Have fun and enjoy yourself here.

Guildline to Join
First pay the 10g entry fee and second please send us a sample of your roleplaying skills. A small paragraph or a cut from another rp will do. I will approve it and you may join. Don't think harshly of us for this. We just want literate to semi literate members only here. If you have questions, please Pm me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for reading.

We are a new guild here thus is why I have the fee to join. I don't require you to donate but it would greatly appreciated if you do.