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Are you tired of the illiterates in Gaia cluttering up really good roleplays? Have you joined other literate guilds, only to find out that no one EVER rps in them? Can you post in this rp at least twice a week? If so, then I want you!

This guild is for people who enjoy all types of rps, from fantasy to horror to romance, etc...The only thing that I require is your literacy.

There is a fee of 20g to join, and I expect at least two posts a week from you, if you decide to join. The Gaia TOS apply here, and I do not allow flaming of any sort. Be respectful, or you will be kicked out.

To request to join, please submit a paragraph of your rping abilities and send it to me personally as well. If you are literate enough, I will allow you to join. If not, I will gladly explain why.

Have fun!