This is a guild for any person who classifies themselves as a supporter of the LGBT movement, whether they are straight or part of the spectrum of orientation minority or transgenderism. The acronym 'LGBT' stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, (and) Transgendered.

This guild is based upon respect for others. There is no entry fee or application to wait on to be allowed in; the only requirement is an appreciation for the diversity of humanity.

We welcome people who would like to talk casually, get support or advice, or bring up current events with the LGBT community and the fight for equality. We, the captains and crew, encourage you to bring your interesting stories and humor along with you to our forums.

We do have a set of rules and guidelines, both for the guild in its entirety and for individual subforums; if you decide to join please read and respect those rules. Those rules are located in the guild forum homepage and the top of each subforum, respectively.

Rule-breakers will be punished according to the severity of the issue. As stated above, disrespectful behavior or posts are not welcomed and those who act as such will be dealt with by way of deleted or locked threads and posts, warning via PM, or if necessary, removal from the guild. Members should make such things aware to the captains or crew if they are particularly offensive or abusive.

The list of crew and captains, whom you may contact for questions or with problems within the guild, is found through the 'Guild Members' button. We will answer and take care of concerns as soon as we are able to.

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