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In this guild the users get to make whatever role play they want. Any genre, any role play. They must follow the rules though, and pm me before they post it. Almost all role plays will be accepted. I will only turn one down if I do not think it will provide anything for anyone in the guild or the guild itself. I made this guild so that we could make any role play we were craving at the time. I am so tired of having to settle with something I didn't want to role play because I couldn't find anything. I figured if I was tired of that, others were to.

Basic Rules

~Follow the Gaia TOS

~No rude or vulgar behavior

~Be respectful to me and all other members

~If someone higher up on the chain tells or asks you to do something do it

~If you are planning on being gone for more than two days give us a heads up

~When making a role play always send me the plot in a pm so I can look it over before posting

~This is not an anything goes thread, its an almost anything goes thread. NO CYBERING. Time skip or take it to a more personal place

~Have fun! Treat people here like a family.